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It begins with a great idea

  • Conversation

    I begin by listening.  I want to hear about you, your company, your goals, your budget, your success.  Then, I can begin working on a customized strategy for your online presence.

  • Research + Discovery

    After I meet with you, I begin by researching your industry. I take a look at your local competitors, as well as national to start gathering ideas and create a plan.

  • Strategy

    Now – I take your ideas, and goals, and begin crafting a customized plan for success.

  • Wireframe

    The design process starts with a wireframe.  This ensures that we will have a strategic layout, and that all of our elements our placed correctly.

  • Mockups + Prototyping

    Next, I take the wireframe and start bringing it to life by creating a graphical mockup that will feature the colors, fonts, and other elements your website will utilize.

  • Development

    Development is when I begin actually making the mockup into a real website.  One that has animations, moves, and becomes interactive.

  • WordPress

    Next – I take the basic code implemented, and apply it to WordPress.  Using WordPress as your Content Management System makes it simple for you to make updates and changes, and ensures that your website will grow with your business.

  • Enter Content

    Let’s add some content to your site!  Now that it is in wordPress, we are ready to start building out the additional pages, and adding features.

  • Responsive Testing

    I test your website to make sure that it looks beautiful across all platforms, and devices.


    Now that your website is ready – let’s get it launched and live!

  • Analyze + Review

    I keep an eye on your site to review the traffic, and begin analysis of how your site is working for you.

  • 90-Day Follow Up

    After your site has been live for 90 days, let me treat to you to coffee, and we can go over the anltyical data and make sure that your website is producing the results we desired.