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Branding, Print
About This Project

Fierce Salon is an upscale Paul Mitchell Focused Salon in Louisville, KY. At Fierce their mission is to not only provide amazing results to their clients but also to help educate clients on how to keep their desired look, and have healthy hair.

Fierce Salon approached me in need of a new website. However, it was quickly determined that they also were in need of a visual identity, and needed a bit of tweaking on their logo. The idea was to create something modern, clean, and sexy.

I created a primary and secondary color palette using colors that fit in with our concept. The owners used a particular shade of blue through out the salon, that was accented with greyscale tones. I helped to define the hue that they were drawn to, and worked to create a primary and secondary color palette that would work around that.

Lastly, I helped them establish fonts that would be used to maintain a cohesive look. We loved the contrast between the heavy, bold look of Bebas Neue paired with the soft and unobtrusive Proxima Nova. I also helped to define the heading and paragraph styles for the website.

I am thrilled with how this branding turned out – and can’t wait to show the world how it will work on a website!

What I Did

Visual Identity, Logo Revisions

What I Used

Adobe Illustrator